car airbag light timer switch time relay 1 to 10 sec kit delay off 12V 1A 12W

Car Airbag Time relay with accuracy from 1 to 25 seconds.
Manufacturer: Deselectra
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Item Description:


- length -  33 mm

- width - 28 mm

- height - 21 mm

LED indication for operation

Maximum allowable load  control 12V/0.2A Suitable for LED Lights only up to 2.5W

Power:  red + , black -  Have protection against reverse supply voltage. 

Positive (red wire) must be connected to contact switch 12V+ , Negative( black wire) to ground.

Output: yellow wire  -  connected to airbag light positive, negative of the airbag light – to ground

Power supply - 12V DC

Time is adjusted by trimmer PR - 100K – Rotate clockwise – increase the delay time.


Principle of work:

When power is on, the  timer is activated (the output receive 12V)  and keep that position, until end of set time.

By restart power supply - cycle repeat.

The kit is assembled.


 Package contents:

  1. LED Timer
  2. Instruction for use and wiring diagram.